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201Democratization and corruption in MongoliaVerena FritzPublic Administration and Development, Special Issue: Symposium on Political Corruption Volume 27, Issue 32007-02-01Publication
202Blessing or Curse? The rise of mineral dependence among low-and middle income countriesDan HaglundOxford Policy Management2011-02-01Publication
203Creating Conditions for Sustainable Economic and Social Development in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Fighting Corruption and Promoting Good Governance Conference ProceedingsOrganisation for Economic Cooperation and Development2009-02-19Publication
204Санхүү, эдийн засгийн хямрал: Монгол Улс 2009 оны эхний улирлын тайланБ.Түвшинтөгс,Ч.Нарантуяа,С.Даваасүрэн, Б.Отгонтөгс,Б.МөнхсоёлOpen Society Forum2009-02-01Publication
205Competitiveness Assessment of the Industrial SectorHai Nguyen ThanhOpen Society Forum2007-02-01Publication
206Investment Agreement Between The Government Of Mongolia And Ivanhoe Mines Mongolia Inc LLC And Ivanhoe Mines LTD And RIO TINTO International Holdings LimitedOpen Government2009-10-01Publication
207Mongolia: Poverty Reduction Strategy Papernternational Monetary Fundnternational Monetary Fund2003-02-01Publication
208Assessment of Household Vulnerability to Poverty in MongoliaBat Suvd, Batchuluun Altantsetseg, Bataa Lhagvasuren, Dalkhjav BayarmaaNational University of Mongolia, Department of Economics2002-02-01Publication
209Socio–Economic Impacts of “OYU TOLGOI” Mine on MongoliaNational University of Mongolia, Economics Department Research TeamNational University of Mongolia2004-01-30Publication
210Wind Energy Resource Atlas of MongoliaD. Elliott, M. Schwartz, G. Scott, S. Haymes, D. Heimiller, R. GeorgeNational Renewable Energy Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy2001-03-13Publication
211Rating action: Moody’s affirms Mongolia’s B2 sovereign rating; negative outlookAnushka Shah, Anne Van PraaghMoody’s Investors Service, Sovereign Risk Group2016-02-02Publication
212Rating action: Moody’s downgrades Mongolia’s sovereign rating to B3, places it on review for further downgradeAnushka Shah, Atsi ShethMoody’s Investors Service, Sovereign Risk Group2016-06-01Publication
213Rating Action: Moody’s downgrades Mongolia’s sovereign rating to B2; outlook negativeAnushka Shah, Bart OosterveldMoody’s Investors Service , Sovereign Risk Group2014-05-06Publication
214Export Products of MongoliaMongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry2011-02-01Publication
215Monthly Economic UpdateMongolia Growth GroupMongolia Growth Group2014-05-06Publication
216Trade policy and human development in MongoliaMurray Gibbs, Swarnim Waglи Ts.Chukhalkhuu, D.Sengelmaa, A.Jargalan, P.BolormaaMinistry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, United Nations Development Program in Mongolia2009-02-01Publication
217Current Economic Situation of Mongolia, and the Measures To Address the DownturnS.BayartsogtMinistry of Finance of Mongolia2009-02-01Publication
218Competitiveness in Cashmere IndustryBayar BudragchaaMercy Corps International2000-02-01Publication
219Consideration of foreign bank entry on domestic banking marketsMEARCMEARC2017-02-17Publication
220Mongolia's New Investment LawM.A.D. Investment Solutions2014-02-01Publication
221Prosperity in depth: Mongolia the Paradox of RichesPeter Murrell, Chuluunbat NarantuyaLegatum Institute2012-06-06Publication
222Is the Mongolian Equity Market Efficient? Empirical Evidence from Tests of Weak-Form EfficiencyLim Kai Jie Shawn, Pavneet Chadha, Lau Joshua, Nishad Potdar,Journal of Money, Investment and Banking2012-02-01Publication
223Glamour and value in the land of Chingis KhanJames H. Anderson, Georges Korsun, Peter MurrellJournal of Comparative Economics 312002-02-01Publication
224Which Enterprises (Believe They) Have Soft Budgets? Evidence on the Effects of Ownership and Decentralization in MongoliaJames H. Anderson, Georges Korsun, Peter MurrellJournal of Comparative Economics 282000-02-01Publication
225Oyu Tolgoi Project: Technical ReportBernard Peters, Scott Jackson, John Vann, Albert Chance, George R Stephan, Jarek Jakubec, Dean David, Bruce BrownIvanhoe Mines2010-02-03Publication
226Investment Guide to Mongolia 2014Invest Mongolia AgencyInvest Mongolia Agency2014-05-06Publication
227Mongolia : Technical Assistance Report-Report on the Prices Statistics MissionInternational Monetary Fund. Statistics Dept.International Monetary Fund. Statistics Dept.2018-10-24Publication
228Staff Report and Statement by the Executive Director for MongoliaInternational Monetary Fund. Asia and Pacific DeptInternational Monetary Fund. Asia and Pacific Dept2017-12-21Publication
229Mongolia: Financial System Stability Assessment, including Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes on the following topics: Banking Supervision and Monetary Policy TransparencyMark O’Brien, Sameer Goyal, Seung Ho Lee, Elena Loukoianova, Vassili Prokopenko, Shaina Pereira, William Britt Gwinner, Xiaofeng Hua, Florencia Moizeszowicz, Bikki Randhawa, Richard Britton, Stefan SpInternational Monetary Fund, Monetary and Capital Markets and Asia and Pacific Departments2008-02-28Publication
230Mongolia: Financial System Stability AssessmentRodolfo Maino, Diane Mendoza, Kalin Tintchev, Julia Bersch, Claire McGuireInternational Monetary Fund, Monetary and Capital Markets and Asia and Pacific Departments2011-02-25Publication
231Joint IMF/World Bank Debt Sustainability Analysis Under the Debt Sustainability Framework for Low-Income CountriesNigel Chalk, Anthony Boote, Carlos Braga, Vikram NehruInternational Monetary Fund, International Development Association2011-02-01Publication
232Mongolia: Fifth and Sixth Reviews under the Stand-By Arrangement and Rephasing of PurchasesInternational Monetary FundInternational Monetary Fund, Asia and Pacific Department2010-02-03Publication
233Mongolia: Selected Issues and Statistical AppendixByung Kyoon Jang, Tubagus Feridhanusetyawan, Daehaeng Kim, Gary Jones, Bazarbai Ardak, Buyankhishig KhulanInternational Monetary Fund, Asia and Pacific Department2008-02-28Publication
234Mongolia: 2009 Article IV Consultation, Third Review Under Stand-by Arrangement, and Request for Modification of Performance CriteriaInternational Monetary Fund, Asia and Pacific DepartmentInternational Monetary Fund, Asia and Pacific Department2009-02-01Publication
235Mongolia: Request for Stand-By ArrangementM. Karasulu, T. Feridhanusetyawan, K. Guo, J. J. Hallaert, J. Hartley, B. JangInternational Monetary Fund, Asia and Pacific Department2009-02-01Publication
236Mongolia: Selected Issues and Statistical AppendixA. D’Hoore, S. Cakir, J. Lee, Y. Kikuchi, Y. LuInternational Monetary Fund, Asia and Pacific Department2005-09-10Publication
237World Economic Outlook: Recovery, Risk and Rebalancing (umnuh ner Global Prospects and Policies)The Research DepartmentInternational Monetary Fund2010-04-02Publication
238The Implications of the Global Financial Crisis for Low-Income CountriesPatricia Alonso Gamo, Udaibir Das, Thomas Helbling, Rolando Ossowski, Kate Langdon, Jan Kees Martijn, Stefania Fabrizio, Shamsuddin Tareq, Mary Zephirin, Julie Kozack, Paul Jenkins, Paulo Drummond, PInternational Monetary Fund2009-02-01Publication
239World Economic Outlook: Crisis and RecoveryThe Research DepartmentInternational Monetary Fund2009-02-21Publication
240The IMF and Argentina, 1991–2001Shinji Takagi, Benjamin Cohen, Isabelle Mateos y Lago, Misa Takebe, Ricardo MartinInternational Monetary Fund2004-02-01Publication
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