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41Asian Development Bank and Mongolia: Fact SheetADBADB2015-02-01Publication
42Mongolia Road Sector Development to 2016Adrien Véron, Luvsan BadamAsian Development Bank2011-02-25Publication
43Mongolia - Mining Infrastructure Investment Support ProjectAl-Jamal KhairyWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
44Mongolia Economic Growth Assessment: Annex 5 - Economic/Benchmarking AnalysesAlan Saffery, Lawrence Camp, Dany Khy, Stratos Tavoulareas, Margaret HerroUnited States Agency for International Development/EGAT, Office of Economic Growth2010-10-30Publication
45Mongolia - Transparency and Accountability in Mongolian EducationAli, RabiaWorld Bank2016-03-24Publication
46Mongolia - Transparency and Accoutability in Mongolian EducationAli, RabiaWorld Bank2016-03-24Publication
47Global Economic Prospects: Commodities at the Crossroads 2009Andrew Burns, John Baffes, Donald Mitchell, Elliot, Mick Riordan, Shane Streifel, Hans Timmer, William ShawWorld Bank, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development2009-02-19Publication
48Mongolia: Full Rating ReportAndrew Colquhoun, Vincent HoFitch Ratings2010-02-03Publication
49Land Resources and Their ManagementAnna Corsi, Giovanna Dore, Tanvi Nagpal, Tony Whitten, Robin Mearns, Yarissa R. Lyngdoh, H. YkhanbaiWorld Bank, East Asia Environment and Social Development Unit2003-06-18Publication
50Rating action: Moody’s affirms Mongolia’s B2 sovereign rating; negative outlookAnushka Shah, Anne Van PraaghMoody’s Investors Service, Sovereign Risk Group2016-02-02Publication
51Rating action: Moody’s downgrades Mongolia’s sovereign rating to B3, places it on review for further downgradeAnushka Shah, Atsi ShethMoody’s Investors Service, Sovereign Risk Group2016-06-01Publication
52Rating Action: Moody’s downgrades Mongolia’s sovereign rating to B2; outlook negativeAnushka Shah, Bart OosterveldMoody’s Investors Service , Sovereign Risk Group2014-05-06Publication
53Impact Evaluation Baseline Survey of School Dormitory Environment in MongoliaAsako Maruyama, Nina Blöndal, Nyamdavaa Yondonjamts, Altantuya Tseveen, Turmunkh Purevsambuu, Narantsatsral Danzan, Munkhjin BayansanAsian Development Bank2019-12-04Publication
54Private Sector Assessment for MongoliaAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2009-02-02Publication
55Mongolia: Assessment Letter for the Asian Development BankAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2008-06-18Publication
56ADB Making grasslands sustainable in MongoliaAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2013-02-01Publication
57ADB Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program Twelfth Ministerial ConferenceAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2013-02-01Publication
58ADB Maximizing access energy poor developing AsiaAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2013-02-01Publication
59ADB Asian development outlook 2013Asian Development BankAsian Development Bank2013-02-01Publication
60Managing for Development Results: Rail Infrastructure Tariffs - Enabling Private Sector Development in Mongolia’s Railway SectorAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2014-02-01Publication
61Mongolia: Interim Country Partnership Strategy (2014-2016)Asian Development BankAsian Development Bank2014-02-01Publication
62Demand in the Desert: Mongolia’s Water-Energy-Mining NexusAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2014-02-01Publication
63Social Protection Brief Mongolia’s Programs for Conditional Cash Transfers for Carers and Vouchers for Prosthetic and Orthopedic EquipmentAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2015-02-01Publication
64Mongolia: Country Operations Business Plan (2014-2016)Asian Development BankAsian Development Bank2014-05-06Publication
65Asian Development Bank- Japan Scholarship Program Brochure for MongoliaAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2014-05-06Publication
66From Landlocked to Linked In: The Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation ProgramAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2014-02-01Publication
67Access to Finance: Developing the Microinsurance Market in MongoliaAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2014-05-06Publication
68Asia Pacific Disaster Response Fund: Review of PerformanceAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2015-02-01Publication
69Social Protection Brief: Mongolia’s Community-Based Welfare Service ProgramAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2015-02-01Publication
70Together We Deliver: From Knowledge and Partnerships to ResultsAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2015-02-01Publication
71Policy Enablers for New Wind Energy MarketsAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2015-02-01Publication
72Modernizing Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures to Expand Trade and Ensure Food Safety: 2nd CAREC Trade Facilitation Learning Opportunity - Sharing the Baltic ExperienceAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2016-02-01Publication
73Social Protection Brief: Improving Microinsurance Policy and Regulatory Environment in the People’s Republic of China and MongoliaAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2016-02-01Publication
74Mongolian Economic Outlook, ADB 2014Asian Development BankAsian Development Bank2014-05-06Publication
75Mongolian Economic Outlook, ADB 2015Asian Development BankAsian Development Bank2015-06-08Publication
76Strengthening the Labor Market in Mongolia: Skills for Employment ProjectAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2016-02-10Publication
77Asian Development Bank and Mongolia: Fact SheetAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2016-03-24Publication
78Mongolia: Development Effectiveness BriefAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2016-02-10Publication
79Asian Development Bank and Mongolia: Fact SheetAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2017-04-01Publication
80Mongolia Health Sector Fact SheetAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2017-06-15Publication
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