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281Activated2030 Phase I reportsUNDP MongoliaUNDP2019-03-17Publication
282Mongol Enterprising Adventure Activity reportUNDP MongoliaUNDP2019-03-17Publication
283Corruption risk assessment in mining sector of MongoliaUNDP, IRIMUNDP2016-06-07Publication
284UNICEF Annual Report 2015: MongoliaUNICEFUNICEF2016-12-25Publication
285Mining-related in-migration and the impact on children in MongoliaUNICEF MongoliaUNICEF Mongolia2017-04-15Publication
286Хүүхдийн эрүүл мэндэд агаарын бохирдлын үзүүлэх нөлөө, шийдвэрлэх арга замUNICEF MongoliaUNICEF Mongolia2017-06-01Publication
287United Nations Development Assistance Framework 2007-2011United Nations Country TeamUnited Nations Development Program2006-02-17Publication
288Eradicating Inequality: Why is management important?United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural OrganizationUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization2017-02-03Publication
289Mongolia investment climate statement 2015US. Department of StateUS. Department of State2015-02-01Publication
290From Goats to Coats: Institutional Reform in Mongolia’s Cashmere SectorVera Songwe, Bold MagvanWorld Bank, East Asia and Pacific Region, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit2003-02-01Publication
291Democratization and corruption in MongoliaVerena FritzPublic Administration and Development, Special Issue: Symposium on Political Corruption Volume 27, Issue 32007-02-01Publication
292Democratization and corruption in MongoliaVerena FritzPublic Administration and Development, Special Issue: Symposium on Political Corruption Volume 27, Issue 32007-02-01Publication
293Global Growth Generators: Moving beyond ‘Emerging Markets’ and ‘BRIC’Willem Buiter, Ebrahim RahbariCITI GROUP2011-02-01Publication
294Mongolia Monthly Brief - May 2009World BankWorld Bank2009-02-01Publication
295Mongolia Poverty AssessmentWorld BankWorld Bank2006-02-01Publication
296Main output tables of the "Household Socio-Economic Survey 2007-2008World BankWorld Bank2009-02-01Publication
297Mongolia Mining Sector: Managing the FutureWORLD BANKWorld Bank, Oil, Gas, Mining and Chemicals Department2009-02-19Publication
298WB Mongolian economic report 2013, NovemberWorld BankWorld Bank2013-02-01Publication
299Doing Business 2015: going beyond efficiency – MongoliaWorld BankWorld Bank2014-02-01Publication
300Global Economic ProspectsWorld BankWorld Bank2015-02-01Publication
301Mongolia Economic Update - December, 2014World BankWorld Bank2014-12-01Publication
302Land Administration and Management in Ulaanbaatar, MongoliaWorld BankWorld Bank2015-02-01Publication
303City Finances of Ulaanbaatar, MongoliaWorld BankWorld Bank2013-06-04Publication
304Commodity Markets OutlookWorld BankWorld Bank2015-02-01Publication
305Монгол улс: Улаанбаатар хотын газрын харилцаа ба менежментWorld BankWorld Bank2015-02-01Publication
306Early Childhood Education ProjectWorld BankWorld Bank2015-02-01Publication
307E-Health Project: Implementation Status Results ReportWorld BankWorld Bank2015-02-01Publication
308MN Education Quality Reform Project: Implementation Status Results ReportWorld BankWorld Bank2015-02-01Publication
309Case Study in Outcomes Evaluation : MongoliaWorld BankWorld Bank2014-05-06Publication
310Mongolia: Development Impacts of Solar-Powered Electricity ServicesWorld BankWorld Bank2014-05-06Publication
311Final report of Erdenes Mongol LLC and Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi JSC review of the Tavan Tolgoi environmental and social management systemWorld BankWorld Bank2015-06-08Publication
312Third Sustainable Livelihoods Project: Implementation Status Results ReportWorld bankWorld Bank2015-06-08Publication
313Mongolia - Export Development ProjectWorld BankWorld Bank2016-03-24Publication
314Mongolia - Mining Infrastructure Investment Support ProjectWorld BankWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
315Mongolia NSO Capacity Enhacement ProjectWorld BankWorld Bank2016-03-24Publication
316Mongolia Economic BriefWorld BankWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
317Mongolia - Performance and learning review of the country partnership strategy for the period FY2013-2017World BankWorld Bank2016-03-24Publication
318Mongolia - Second EITI Post Compliance ProjectWorld BankWorld Bank2016-04-11Publication
319Pre-Primary Education in Mongolia : Access, Quality of Service Delivery, and Child Development OutcomesWorld BankWorld Bank2017-03-01Publication
320Doing business 2017 : equal opportunity for all - MongoliaWorld BankWorld Bank2016-10-25Publication
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