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121Leveraging SME Finance through Value Chains in the CAREC Landlocked Economies: Case of MongoliaLakshmi BoojooAsian Development Bank2019-10-04Publication
122Living with Disability In Mongolia: Progress Toward InclusionJoanna Rogers, Ludovico Carraro, Enkhtsetseg ByambaaAsian Development Bank2019-12-04Publication
123Local institutions, Land reform and globalisation in MongoliaCaroline Upton9th Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of Common Property Proceedings2002-10-25Publication
124Logistic and Transport Challenges in MongoliaErdenechimeg Eldev-OchirERINA, The Northeast Asian Economic Review Vol.4, No.2, November 20162016-11-01Publication
125Main output tables of the "Household Socio-Economic Survey 2007-2008World BankWorld Bank2009-02-01Publication
126Managing for Development Results: Rail Infrastructure Tariffs - Enabling Private Sector Development in Mongolia’s Railway SectorAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2014-02-01Publication
127Maternity cash benefit for workers in the informal economyInternational Labor OrganizationInternational Labor Organization2016-02-01Publication
128Mining Royalties: A Global Study of Their Impact on Investors, Government, and Civil SocietyJames Otto, Craig Andrews, Fred Cawood, Michael Doggett, Pietro Guj, Frank Stermole, John Stermole, John TiltonWorld Bank2006-10-11Publication
129Mining-related in-migration and the impact on children in MongoliaUNICEF MongoliaUNICEF Mongolia2017-04-15Publication
130MN Education Quality Reform Project: Implementation Status Results ReportWorld BankWorld Bank2015-02-01Publication
131Modernizing Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures in CAREC: An Assessment and the Way ForwardCentral Asia Regional Economic CooperationAsian Development Bank2019-05-04Publication
132Modernizing Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures to Expand Trade and Ensure Food Safety: 2nd CAREC Trade Facilitation Learning Opportunity - Sharing the Baltic ExperienceAsian Development Bank, CARECAsian Development Bank2016-02-01Publication
133Modernizing Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures to Expand Trade and Ensure Food Safety: 2nd CAREC Trade Facilitation Learning Opportunity - Sharing the Baltic ExperienceAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2016-02-01Publication
134Money demand in Mongolia: A panel data analysisTorsten SløkIMF Staff Papers Vol. 49, No. 12002-10-25Publication
135Mongol Enterprising Adventure Activity reportUNDP MongoliaUNDP2019-03-17Publication
136Mongol Enterprising Adventure Monitoring reportUNDPUNDP2019-03-16Publication
138Mongolia - Building the skills for the new economyCristóbal Ridao-Cano, Emmanuel Jimenez, Christopher ThomasWorld Bank2007-04-01Publication
139Mongolia - Employment Support ProjectRazat, MayaWorld Bank2016-04-11Publication
140Mongolia - Export Development ProjectLohmus UlleWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
141Mongolia - Export Development ProjectWorld BankWorld Bank2016-03-24Publication
142Mongolia - Mining Infrastructure Investment Support ProjectWorld BankWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
143Mongolia - Mining Infrastructure Investment Support ProjectAl-Jamal KhairyWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
144Mongolia - Mining Infrastructure Investment Support ProjectDABG Audit Co.LtdWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
145Mongolia - Mining Infrastructure Investment Support ProjectMyroshnychenko, YuriyWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
146Mongolia - Mining Sector Technical Assistance ProjectLand, Bryan ChristopherWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
147Mongolia - Pension policy challenges and reform optionsCristóbal Ridao-Cano, Mark DorfmanWorld Bank2008-06-18Publication
148Mongolia - Performance and learning review of the country partnership strategy for the period FY2013-2017World BankWorld Bank2016-03-24Publication
149Mongolia - Policy options for pension reformWorld Bank2011-02-25Publication
150Mongolia - Second EITI Post Compliance ProjectWorld BankWorld Bank2016-04-11Publication
151Mongolia - Strengthening Corruption Prevention and MonitoringTurkewitz, Joel AWorld Bank2016-03-24Publication
152Mongolia - Third Sustainable Livelihoods ProjectCarlsson Rex, Helene MonikaWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
153Mongolia - Third Sustainable Livelihoods ProjectCarlsson Rex, Helene MonikaWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
154Mongolia - Transparency and Accountability in Mongolian EducationAli, RabiaWorld Bank2016-03-24Publication
155Mongolia - Transparency and Accoutability in Mongolian EducationAli, RabiaWorld Bank2016-03-24Publication
156Mongolia : Technical Assistance Report- Report on the National Accounts MissionInternational Monetary Fund. Statistics Dept.International Monetary Fund2017-03-02Publication
157Mongolia : Technical Assistance Report-Report on the Prices Statistics MissionInternational Monetary Fund. Statistics Dept.International Monetary Fund. Statistics Dept.2018-10-24Publication
158Mongolia Central Economic Corridor Assessment : A Value Chain Analysis of Wool-Cashmere, Meat and Leather Industries (Vol. 2)Julian Latimer Clarke, Marcin Piatkowski, John Arnold, Mendsaikhan GanbatThe World Bank2019-05-01Publication
159Mongolia Consolidating the Gains, Managing Booms and Busts, and Moving to Better Service Delivery A Public Expenditure and Financial Management Review (In Two Volumes) Volume I: Core ReportGenevieve Boyreau, Giovana Dore, Andrew Goodland, Tserendagva Gerelgua, Byambatsogt Jugder, Ulrich Koester, Soonman Kwon, David I, Xiaoping Li, Magnus Lindelow, Ochir Lkhagvasuren, Shabih Mohib, KaWorld Bank, East Asia and Pacific Region, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit2009-02-06Publication
160Mongolia Corruption Benchmarking Survey 2006 - 2008United States Agency for International Development, The Asia Foundation2008-02-01Publication
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