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81Mongolia: Country Profile 2009THE WORLD BANK, IFCWorld Bank Group, International Finance Corporation2010-02-01Publication
82The Global Competitiveness Report 2009-2010Klaus SchwabWorld Economic Forum2009-02-01Publication
83United Nations Development Assistance Framework 2007-2011United Nations Country TeamUnited Nations Development Program2006-02-17Publication
84The Global Competitiveness Report 2010–2011Klaus SchwabWorld Economic Forum2010-02-01Publication
85The 2004 Mongolia Social Accounting MatrixJanusz SzyrmerUnited States Agency for International Development, Economic Policy Reform and Competitiveness Project2006-02-17Publication
86Mongolia: Blue-sky OpportunityRoland Nash, Ovanes OganisianRenaissance Capital2009-02-01Publication
87Foreign Capital Inflows in the Natural Resources Sector: Impacts on the Lao EconomyPhouphet Kyophilavong, Toshihisa Toyoda“The Future of Economic Integration in Asia” international conference Proceedings2009-02-05Publication
88Socio–Economic Impacts of “OYU TOLGOI” Mine on MongoliaNational University of Mongolia, Economics Department Research TeamNational University of Mongolia2004-01-30Publication
89Rising Food and Fuel Prices in Asia and the Pacific: Causes, Impacts and Policy ResponsesThangavel PalanivelUnited Nations Development Program, Regional Centre in Asia and the Pacific2008-02-01Publication
90Country risk and country risk premium estimation for MongoliaFernando BertoliUnited States Agency for International Development, Economic Policy Reform and Competitiveness Project2004-02-01Publication
91Mongolia: Promoting Investment and Job Creation: An Investment Climate Assessment and Trade Integration StudyShubham ChaudhuriWorld Bank, East Asia and Pacific Region, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Department2006-10-11Publication
92Mongolia Monthly Economic Update: November 2009World Bank / Bank of Mongolia2009-02-01Publication
93Мөнгөний Бодлогын Хүүтэй Холбоотой Зарим АсуудалБ.Лхагважав, П.МөнхбаярМонголбанк2009-02-01Publication
94Монгол Улсын 2010 оны Төсвийн Хүрээний Мэдэгдэл, 2011-2012 Оны Төсвийн ТөсөөлөлМонгол Улсын Засгийн Газар2009-10-01Publication
95International Merchandise Trade IndicatorsunctadUnited Nations Conference on Trade and Development, TRAINS2006-10-11Publication
96Жижиг, Дунд Аж Ахуйн Нэгжүүдийн Дунд Явуулсан Санал Асуулгын ДүнГ.АриунхишигМонгол банк2005-04-04Publication
97Мөнгөний ҮржүүлэгчМонгол банк2006-02-17Publication
98Монгол Дахь Арилжааны Банкуудын Хүүгийн Зөрүүг Судлах ньД. Ган-ОчирМонгол банк2006-11-12Publication
99Эдийн Засгийн Мөнгөний Талыг Загварлах Онол, Практикийн АсуудлуудЦ.БатсүхМонгол банк2004-01-30Publication
100Review of Recent Crisis ProgramsStrategy, Policy and Review DepartmentInternational Monetary Fund2009-02-01Publication
101Mongolia: First Review Under the Stand-By Arrangement—Staff Report; Press Release on the Executive Board Discussion; and Statement by the Executive Director for MongoliavInternational Monetary Fund2009-02-01Publication
102Дэлхийн санхүү эдийн засгийн хямралын Монголын эдийн засагт үзүүлж буй нөлөө: 2009 оны дөрөвдүгээр улирлын тайланЧ. Нарантуяа, С. Даваасүрэн, Б. Отгонтөгс, Б. Түвшинтөгс, Б.МөнхсоёлНээлттэй Нийгэм Форум2010-02-01Publication
103Mongolian Private Equity Fund Feasibility StudyDennis GrubbUnited States Agency for International Development2004-03-04Publication
104Дэлхийн Санхүү Эдийн Засгийн Хямралын Монголын Эдийн Засагт Үзүүлж буй Нөлөө: 2009 оны гуравдугаар улирлын тайланЧ. Нарантуяа, С. Даваасүрэн, Б. Отгонтөгс, Б. Түвшинтөгс, Т.Энхбаяр, Б.МөнхсоёлНээлттэй Нийгэм Форум2009-02-01Publication
105Mongolia: Full Rating ReportAndrew Colquhoun, Vincent HoFitch Ratings2010-02-03Publication
106Монгол Улсын 2010-2012 Оны Төсвийн ТөсөлМонгол Улсын Засгийн Газар2009-02-01Publication
107Which Enterprises (Believe They) Have Soft Budgets? Evidence on the Effects of Ownership and Decentralization in MongoliaJames H. Anderson, Georges Korsun, Peter MurrellJournal of Comparative Economics 282000-02-01Publication
108Glamour and value in the land of Chingis KhanJames H. Anderson, Georges Korsun, Peter MurrellJournal of Comparative Economics 312002-02-01Publication
109Mongolia Economic Growth Assessment: Annex 5 - Economic/Benchmarking AnalysesAlan Saffery, Lawrence Camp, Dany Khy, Stratos Tavoulareas, Margaret HerroUnited States Agency for International Development/EGAT, Office of Economic Growth2010-10-30Publication
110Ownership, Exit and Voice after Mass Privatization: Evidence from MongoliaJames H. Anderson, Georges Korsun, Peter MurrellEconomics of Transition Vol. 72000-02-01Publication
111Mongolia Mining Sector: Managing the FutureWORLD BANKWorld Bank, Oil, Gas, Mining and Chemicals Department2009-02-19Publication
112A Path Forward for Mining in Mongolia A Report by The World Growth Mongolia Centre for Policy ResearchThe World Growth MongoliaThe World Growth Mongolia2008-06-18Publication
113Статистикийн Бюллетень 12 сар 2005Монгол банкМонгол банк2005-12-31Publication
114Asian Development Outlook 2006Economics and Research DepartmentAsian Development Bank2000-02-01Publication
115Mongolia: Country gender assessmentHelen T. ThomasAsian Development Bank, East and Central Asia Regional Department and Regional and Sustainable Development Department and World Bank, East and Asia Pacific Region, Environment and Social Development Unit2005-02-01Publication
116Asian development outlook 2007Economics and Research DepartmentAsian Development Bank2007-02-01Publication
118Asian development outlook 2008Economics and Research DepartmentAsian Development Bank2008-02-01Publication
119Mongolia Quarterly: January 2008Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Sector UnitWorld Bank, East Asia and Pacific Region2008-02-01Publication
120Privatisation, Income Distribution and Poverty: the Mongolian ExperienceFrederick Nixson, Bernard WaltersUniversity of Manchester2006-02-17Publication
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