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81Mongolia: Country Profile 2009THE WORLD BANK, IFCWorld Bank Group, International Finance Corporation2010-02-01Publication
82Doing Business Economy Profile 2017 : MongoliaWorld Bank GroupWorld Bank Group2016-10-25Publication
83Mongolia Monthly Economic Update: November 2009World Bank / Bank of Mongolia2009-02-01Publication
84Mongolia Monthly Brief - May 2009World BankWorld Bank2009-02-01Publication
85Mongolia Poverty AssessmentWorld BankWorld Bank2006-02-01Publication
86Main output tables of the "Household Socio-Economic Survey 2007-2008World BankWorld Bank2009-02-01Publication
87Chile’s Fiscal RuleNorbert FiessWorld Bank2002-02-01Publication
88Mining Royalties: A Global Study of Their Impact on Investors, Government, and Civil SocietyJames Otto, Craig Andrews, Fred Cawood, Michael Doggett, Pietro Guj, Frank Stermole, John Stermole, John TiltonWorld Bank2006-10-11Publication
89WB Mongolian economic report 2013, NovemberWorld BankWorld Bank2013-02-01Publication
90Mongolia - Policy options for pension reformWorld Bank2011-02-25Publication
91Doing Business 2015: going beyond efficiency – MongoliaWorld BankWorld Bank2014-02-01Publication
92Mongolia - Pension policy challenges and reform optionsCristóbal Ridao-Cano, Mark DorfmanWorld Bank2008-06-18Publication
93Global Economic ProspectsWorld BankWorld Bank2015-02-01Publication
94Innovating to reduce risk : the case of livestock insurance in MongoliaNathan Belete, Gunnar LarsonWorld Bank2007-04-01Publication
95Mongolia - Building the skills for the new economyCristóbal Ridao-Cano, Emmanuel Jimenez, Christopher ThomasWorld Bank2007-04-01Publication
96Mongolia Economic Update - December, 2014World BankWorld Bank2014-12-01Publication
97Land Administration and Management in Ulaanbaatar, MongoliaWorld BankWorld Bank2015-02-01Publication
98City Finances of Ulaanbaatar, MongoliaWorld BankWorld Bank2013-06-04Publication
99Commodity Markets OutlookWorld BankWorld Bank2015-02-01Publication
100Монгол улс: Улаанбаатар хотын газрын харилцаа ба менежментWorld BankWorld Bank2015-02-01Publication
101Early Childhood Education ProjectWorld BankWorld Bank2015-02-01Publication
102E-Health Project: Implementation Status Results ReportWorld BankWorld Bank2015-02-01Publication
103MN Education Quality Reform Project: Implementation Status Results ReportWorld BankWorld Bank2015-02-01Publication
104Case Study in Outcomes Evaluation : MongoliaWorld BankWorld Bank2014-05-06Publication
105Mongolia: Development Impacts of Solar-Powered Electricity ServicesWorld BankWorld Bank2014-05-06Publication
106Doing Business 2014 Economy Profile : MongoliaWorld Bank and International Finance CorporationWorld Bank2013-06-04Publication
107East Asia Pacific Economic Update, April 2016: Growing ChallengesWorld Bank Group, Macro and Fiscal Management Global Practice, The Poverty Global Practice, The Development Prospects Group Part I was prepared by Kim Edwards (lead), Ekaterine Vashakmadze, SerhatWorld Bank2016-02-01Publication
108Good Countries or Good Projects? : Comparing Macro and Micro Correlates of World Bank and Asian Development Bank Project PerformanceBulman, David, Kolkma, Walter, Kraay, AartWorld Bank2015-02-01Publication
109Global Monthly: May 2016Marc Stocker and Christian Eigen-ZucchiWorld Bank2016-02-01Publication
110Final report of Erdenes Mongol LLC and Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi JSC review of the Tavan Tolgoi environmental and social management systemWorld BankWorld Bank2015-06-08Publication
111Third Sustainable Livelihoods Project: Implementation Status Results ReportWorld bankWorld Bank2015-06-08Publication
112Mongolia - Export Development ProjectLohmus UlleWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
113Mongolia - Export Development ProjectWorld BankWorld Bank2016-03-24Publication
114Mongolia Export Development ProjectLohmus UlleWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
115Mongolia Export Development ProjectUlle LohmusWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
116Mongolia Export Development ProjectUlle, LohmusWorld Bank2016-03-24Publication
117Mongolia Multi-Sectoral Technical Assistance ProjectLee TaehyunWorld Bank2016-10-10Publication
118Mongolia Multi-Sectoral Technical Assistance ProjectLee TaehyunWorld Bank2016-10-10Publication
119Mongolia - Employment Support ProjectRazat, MayaWorld Bank2016-04-11Publication
120Mongolia Employment Support ProjectAchim, Daniel SchmillenWorld Bank2016-04-11Publication
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