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121Mongolia Employment Support ProjectAchim, Daniel SchmillenWorld Bank2016-04-11Publication
122Mongolia - Mining Infrastructure Investment Support ProjectWorld BankWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
123Mongolia - Mining Infrastructure Investment Support ProjectAl-Jamal KhairyWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
124Mongolia - Mining Infrastructure Investment Support ProjectDABG Audit Co.LtdWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
125Mongolia - Mining Infrastructure Investment Support ProjectMyroshnychenko, YuriyWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
126Mongolia - Third Sustainable Livelihoods ProjectCarlsson Rex, Helene MonikaWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
127Mongolia - Third Sustainable Livelihoods ProjectCarlsson Rex, Helene MonikaWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
128Mongolia - Transparency and Accountability in Mongolian EducationAli, RabiaWorld Bank2016-03-24Publication
129Mongolia - Transparency and Accoutability in Mongolian EducationAli, RabiaWorld Bank2016-03-24Publication
130Mongolia NSO Capacity Enhacement ProjectShiilegmaa, AltantsetsegWorld Bank2016-04-11Publication
131Mongolia NSO Capacity Enhacement ProjectWorld BankWorld Bank2016-03-24Publication
132Mongolia monthly economic brief (January 2016)Lee Taehyun, Shiilegmaa Altantsetseg, Batsuuri Davaadalai, Verghis Mathew AWorld Bank2016-01-30Publication
133Mongolia Economic BriefWorld BankWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
134Mongolia - Mining Sector Technical Assistance ProjectLand, Bryan ChristopherWorld Bank2016-02-10Publication
135Mongolia - Performance and learning review of the country partnership strategy for the period FY2013-2017World BankWorld Bank2016-03-24Publication
136Mongolia - Second EITI Post Compliance ProjectWorld BankWorld Bank2016-04-11Publication
137Mongolia - Strengthening Corruption Prevention and MonitoringTurkewitz, Joel AWorld Bank2016-03-24Publication
138Review of Program Design and Beneficiary Profiles of Social Welfare Programs in MongoliaJunko Onishi, Tungalag ChuluunWorld Bank2015-02-14Working paper
139When Do In-service Teacher Training and Books Improve Student Achievement? : Experimental Evidence from MongoliaHabtamu Fuje, Prateek TandonWorld Bank2015-11-14Working paper
140Unlocking the Potential for Private Sector Participation in District HeatingInternational Finance CorporationWorld Bank2014-02-14Working paper
141Mongolia : Development Impacts of Solar-Powered Electricity ServicesWorld BankWorld Bank2014-01-14Working paper
142Examining the Feasibility of Livestock Insurance in MongoliaJerry R.Skees, Ayurzana Enkh-AmgalanWorld Bank2012-09-14Working paper
143SMEs and Women-owned SMEs in Mongolia : Market Research StudyInternational Finance CorporationWorld Bank2014-02-14Working paper
144Incentive Compatible Reforms : The Political Economy of Public Investments in MongoliaZahid HasnainWorld Bank2011-05-01Working paper
145Justice Sector Reform in Mongolia : Looking Back, Looking ForwardHeike Gramckow, Frances AllenWorld Bank2011-01-14Working paper
146Rapid Assessment of the Effect of the Economic Crisis on Health Spending in MongoliaCaryn Bredenkamp, Geir Sølve Sande Lie, Logan BrenzelWorld Bank2010-12-14Working paper
147Growth Diagnostics for a Resource-Rich Transition Economy : The Case of MongoliaElena Ianchovichina, Sudarshan GooptuWorld Bank2007-11-14Working paper
148Managing Agricultural Risk at the Country Level : The Case of Index-Based Livestock Insurance in MongoliaOlivier Mahul, Jerry SkeesWorld Bank2007-08-14Working paper
149Measuring True Sales and Underreporting with Matched Firm-Level Survey and Tax-Office DataFujin Zhou, Remco OostendorpWorld Bank2011-04-01Working paper
150Pre-Primary Education in Mongolia : Access, Quality of Service Delivery, and Child Development OutcomesWorld BankWorld Bank2017-03-01Publication
151Investigating the transmission channels behind Dutch disease effects: lessons from Mongolia using a CGE modelTehmina S. Khan, Jan GottschalkWorld Bank2017-09-06Publication
152Doing business 2017 : equal opportunity for all - MongoliaWorld BankWorld Bank2016-10-25Publication
153Mongolia investment climate statement 2015US. Department of StateUS. Department of State2015-02-01Publication
154Privatisation, Income Distribution and Poverty: the Mongolian ExperienceFrederick Nixson, Bernard WaltersUniversity of Manchester2006-02-17Publication
155Mongolia Economic Growth Assessment: Annex 5 - Economic/Benchmarking AnalysesAlan Saffery, Lawrence Camp, Dany Khy, Stratos Tavoulareas, Margaret HerroUnited States Agency for International Development/EGAT, Office of Economic Growth2010-10-30Publication
156Mongolia Corruption Benchmarking Survey 2006 - 2008United States Agency for International Development, The Asia Foundation2008-02-01Publication
157The 2004 Mongolia Social Accounting MatrixJanusz SzyrmerUnited States Agency for International Development, Economic Policy Reform and Competitiveness Project2006-02-17Publication
158Country risk and country risk premium estimation for MongoliaFernando BertoliUnited States Agency for International Development, Economic Policy Reform and Competitiveness Project2004-02-01Publication
159A Value Chain Analysis of the Mongolian Cashmere IndustryDonald J. Lecraw, Philip Eddleston, Alene Mc MahonUnited States Agency for International Development, Economic Policy Reform and Competitiveness Project2005-02-01Publication
160Mongolian Cashmere Industry: A Review of the Industry’s Preparedness for Visits and Inspection by International BuyersRaymond EaglesonUnited States Agency for International Development, Economic Policy Reform and Competitiveness Project2006-02-01Publication
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