Finished Studies

Economic Policy During the Pandemic: Past and Future

Authors: Economic Research Institute

Source: BEST Program

Language: Mongolian


Date: 2023-01-16

This project was commissioned by the BEST program implemented by Development Solutions NGO funded by USAID. Within the project framework, between May and September 2022, ERI conducted research on three series of topics and organized forum discussions on each topic.

The first study is "Effects and Lessons Learned from the Economic Stimulation Program for Private Sector." It reviews other studies, statistical data, and reports on the implementation and results of the 10-billion MNT comprehensive plan to protect health and restore the economy implemented by the government in 2021. The report is available here. 

In the second study, titled "The New Recovery Policy and Private Sector Expectations," we reviewed the rationale and planned measures of the New Recovery Policy approved by the Parliament in December 2021 and further relevant issues to consider. The report is available here.  

The third study conducted under this project is on the topic of "Small and Medium Enterprises Sector Policy during the Pandemic: International Experiences." The study aims to determine what measures other countries and international donor organizations have taken to support the private sector and enterprises during the pandemic and what lessons can be learned from it. The report is available here.  

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