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121Access to Finance: Developing the Microinsurance Market in MongoliaAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2014-05-06Publication
122Case Study in Outcomes Evaluation : MongoliaWorld BankWorld Bank2014-05-06Publication
123Mongolia: Development Impacts of Solar-Powered Electricity ServicesWorld BankWorld Bank2014-05-06Publication
124The EU-Mongolia Economic Partnership: The mining sector and beyondEuropean Institute for Asian StudiesEuropean institute for Asian studies2014-05-06Publication
125Mongolia: Issues for CongressSusan V. LawrenceFederation of American Scientists2014-05-06Publication
126BTI 2014 – Mongolia Country ReportBertelsmann Stiftungbti-project2014-05-06Publication
127Хүний хөгжлийн илтгэл 2014Халид МаликUNDP2014-05-06Publication
1282014 оны үндэсний хүний хөгжлийн илтгэлUNDPUNDP2014-05-06Publication
129Mongolian Economic Outlook, ADB 2014Asian Development BankAsian Development Bank2014-05-06Publication
130Unlocking the Potential for Private Sector Participation in District HeatingInternational Finance CorporationWorld Bank2014-02-14Working paper
131SMEs and Women-owned SMEs in Mongolia : Market Research StudyInternational Finance CorporationWorld Bank2014-02-14Working paper
132Mongolia Selected Macroeconomic Indicators January 24, 2014International Monetary FundInternational Monetary Fund2014-02-01Publication
133Global Employment Trends 2014: The risk of a jobless recoveryInternational Labour OrganizationInternational Labour Organization2014-02-01Publication
134IMF Country Report /Mongolia/International Monetary FundInternational Monetary Fund2014-02-01Publication
135Mongolia's New Investment LawM.A.D. Investment Solutions2014-02-01Publication
136Managing for Development Results: Rail Infrastructure Tariffs - Enabling Private Sector Development in Mongolia’s Railway SectorAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2014-02-01Publication
137Mongolia Economic UpdateThe world bank group in mongoliaThe world bank group in mongolia2014-02-01Publication
138Mongolia: Interim Country Partnership Strategy (2014-2016)Asian Development BankAsian Development Bank2014-02-01Publication
139Demand in the Desert: Mongolia’s Water-Energy-Mining NexusAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2014-02-01Publication
140Global Economy and MongoliaFrontierFrontier2014-02-01Publication
141Doing Business 2015: going beyond efficiency – MongoliaWorld BankWorld Bank2014-02-01Publication
142Statistical versus economic output gap measures: evidence from MongoliaJulia Bersch; Tara M. SinclairAccessecon2014-02-01Publication
143Housing Price Index MethodologyД.Гансүлд, З.МанлайбаатарEconomic Research Institute2014-02-01Publication
144From Landlocked to Linked In: The Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation ProgramAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2014-02-01Publication
145Монгол Улсын бэлчээрийн тогтвортой байдал Малчдын амьжиргаа ба уур амьсгалын өөрчлөлтАзийн Хөгжлийн Банк, Байгаль Орчин Ногоон Хөгжлийн ЯамАзийн Хөгжлийн Банк2014-02-01Publication
146Mongolia : Development Impacts of Solar-Powered Electricity ServicesWorld BankWorld Bank2014-01-14Working paper
147City Finances of Ulaanbaatar, MongoliaWorld BankWorld Bank2013-06-04Publication
148Doing Business 2014 Economy Profile : MongoliaWorld Bank and International Finance CorporationWorld Bank2013-06-04Publication
149Барометрийн судалгааХөдөлмөрийн судалгааны институт2013-06-04Publication
150Жижиг, дунд үйлдвэрлэл эрхлэгчдэдХөдөлмөрийн Яамны Жижиг, дунд үйлдвэрийн хөгжлийн газар, НҮБ-ын Хөгжлийн Хөтөлбөрийн "Монголд үйлдвэрлэл хөгжүүлье-2" төсөл2013-06-04Publication
151Цалин хөлсний бүтцийн судалгааМонгол Улсын Хөдөлмөрийн яамны харъяа Хөдөлмөрийн судалгааны институт2013-06-04Publication
152Impacts of Mongolian FTAs with the Countries in Northeast Asia: CGE Analysis with GTAP 8 Data BaseSh.Enkhbayar & Tomoyoshi NakajimaERINA2013-06-04Publication
153ADB Making grasslands sustainable in MongoliaAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2013-02-01Publication
154ADB Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program Twelfth Ministerial ConferenceAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2013-02-01Publication
155ADB Maximizing access energy poor developing AsiaAsian Development BankAsian Development Bank2013-02-01Publication
156IMF Press release on MongoliaInternational Monetary FundInternational Monetary Fund2013-02-01Publication
157WB Mongolian economic report 2013, NovemberWorld BankWorld Bank2013-02-01Publication
158EBRD Transition report 2013European Bank for Reconstruction and DevelopmentEuropean Bank for Reconstruction and Development2013-02-01Publication
159ADB Asian development outlook 2013Asian Development BankAsian Development Bank2013-02-01Publication
160Монгол улс: Аймгуудын өрсөлдөх чадварын тайлан 2013Эдийн засгийн бодлого, өрсөлдөх чадварын судалгааны төвЭдийн засгийн бодлого, өрсөлдөх чадварын судалгааны төв2013-02-01Publication
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