“The current state and perspectives of the Mongolian economy-2018” forum was successfully.

The Economic Research Institute (ERI), Bank of Mongolia, and National University of Mongolia have successfully coordinated an economic forum on the “Current States and Perspectives of the Mongolian Economy” for the second year. The forum was attended by over 800 representatives from policy makers in the economic and financial sectors, researchers from the public and private sectors, the media as well as students, which reflects the significance and relevance of the topics discussed.

There were 16 presentations given in total by researchers from ERI, Bank of Mongolia, National University of Mongolia and Gerege Partners. The presentations are now available online.

1 Impact of Monetary and Macroprudential Policy on Resource-Rich Economies: Mongolia

2 Export Diversification and Economic Growth
3 Assessment of Export-Promotion Policies in Mongolia
4 Mega Projects: International experience, current state and economic impact
5 Degradation of Pastureland: Livestock Taxation
6 Inflation Forecasting: DMA approach
7 Impact of Mining on Local Households’ Living Standards
8 Impact of Mortgage Loan on the Economy
9 FDI Inflow in Mongolia
10 Mining Development Strategy
11 Revenue Management
12 Marketing and Trading of Mining Sector
13 Price Rigidity in Mongolia: Evidence from CPI data
14 Impact of the Fiscal Consolidation on the Mongolian Labor Markets
15 Impact of Fiscal Consolidation on the Mongolian Economy
16 Impact of an Increase in the Price of Imported Fuel on the Mongolian Economy
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