First Round of Regular Grants from ERI

Economic Research Institute (ERI) at the School of Economic Studies of NUM in collaboration with the IRIS Center at the University of Maryland (USA) and with financial support from World Bank invite independent researchers to submit applications to implement the following policy studies:

Demographic dynamics and social welfare system in Mongolia
Risks assessment of the “Dutch disease” in Mongolia due to major resource industry projects and expected massive capital inflow
Macroeconomic risks and how they could be mitigated
Assessment of government accountability in Mongolia
Small and medium business development: does rising tide lift all boats?
Analysis of post-secondary education system in Mongolia

Also, we wanted to remind you that ERI will kick-off its seminar series this week. Tomorrow April 8th, 2011, Ms. B.Solongoo will present her paper “Economic analysis of the mining legislation in Mongolia”.

The seminar will be held in Room 504 of the Building 5 of National University of Mongolia at 2:30 pm.

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