“2nd Mineral Policy Forum“ was successfully organizied

School of Economic Studies in collaboration with ERI, Bank of Mongolia, World Bank, ADB, Rio Tinto successfully organized “2nd Mineral Policy Forum” on May 16th, 2011 at the grand ballroom og Chinggis hotel.

At the forum, 17 presentations were presented that covered a broad range of issues.

Please find presentation slides form following link.


  • Part 1. Approaches to Resource Revenue Management



  1. Dr. Rogier van der Brink, Professor, Lead Economist, the World Bank

    “Poverty Reduction and Economic Management, East Asia and Pacific Region”

  2. Dr. Altantsetseg Batchuluun, Associate professor, Bayarmaa Dalkhjav and Aruinerdene Bayarjargal, SES, National University of Mongolia

    “Coordination of Fiscal and Monetary Policy in Mongolia in Anticipation of Large Scale Capital Inflow”

  3. Philippe ter Woort, representative of EBRD in Mongolia.



  • Part 2. Avoiding Resource Curse



  1. Dr. Erdenebat Bataa, Associate professor, SES, National University of Mongolia

    “A Resource Curse and Mongolia"

  2. Avralt-Od Purevjav and Bumchimeg Gungaa, the Bank of Mongolia

    "Macroeconomic Policies in Natural Resource-Rich Countries: The Case of Mongolia”

  3. Handtsooj Gombosuren, Financial and Economic Policy Department, Ministry of Finance

    “ The Effect of Mining Industry on State Budget”



  • Part 3. Economic Environment of the Mining Industry



  1. Solongo B., a researcher in mining law, affiliated with MCS company in Mongolia

    “Economic Analysis of Mining Legislation in Mongolia”

  2. Dr. Purev Byamba, Professor, School of Economics and Business Studies, Agricultural University of Mongolia

    “Trend of Mongolian Copper Production and it’s Income Distribution”

  3. Dr. Kawaguchi Shinichiro, Visiting professor, SES, National University of Mongolia

    "Comprehensive Strategic Business Planning in Terms of Erdenet Mining Corporation 2011: Balanced Scorecard and SWOT based Socio-Economic Analysis and Management Revenue”

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