The commodity market studies are published.

Economic Research Institute has just released the reports of commodity markets. In this issue, the following research works are published:

Batdelger Tuvshintugs, Begz Delgermaa, Bayarjargal Munkh-Ireedui  “GOLD MARKET STUDY”. This study investigates the current and past factors influencing world gold demand and supply and developments in prices of this commodity during the period of 2010 to 2016.    

Galindev Gan-ochir, Baatarzorig Tsolmon “COPPER MARKET STUDY”. In this study, we conducted the current situation and future prospects of the world and local copper market.

Chuluundorj Khashchuluun, Begz Delgermaa, Bayarjargal Munkh-Ireedui COAL MARKET STUDY. This study consists of three main sections: demand, supply and price for coal. Also, the research studied separately coking and thermal coal markets instead of considering coal broadly.

Buyantsogt Bat, Zagdbazar Manlaibaatar “IRON ORE MARKET STUDY”. In this report, we discussed world and local iron ore markets, as well as its demand and supply side.

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