Sustainable Mining Development

Authors: Ch. Khashchuluun, T. Dulguun,B. Khorol-Erdene, Z. Manlaibaatar, B. Nyambaatar, D. Oyuntugs,Ts. Oyunzul

Source: Economic Research Institute

Language: English


Date: 2021-04-22

The mining sector continues to have a strong influence on the Mongolian economy through both internal and external factors. This study assessed mining contributions towards sustainability along the following four major avenues as suggested by the International Institute for Environment and Development: (i) economic sphere including impacts on the macro-economy, foreign trade, public finances, etc.;  (ii) social sphere including impacts on education, employment and technology; (iii) environmental sphere including impacts on the supply chain of the mining sector and its assessment; and (iv) governance sphere such as impacts on the policy field and corporate governance.

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