About us

Economic Research Institute (ERI) was established in October 2010 as an independent policy studies centre at the School of Economic Studies of National University of Mongolia with collaboration of IRIS centre, University of Maryland. The institute will be financed by the World Bank’s Governance Partnership Facility for the first two and a half years of operation.

ERI aims to ensure a flow of high quality, peer reviewed analysis on policy issues, methods for conducting and providing research information to a broad range of audience. In presenting the research papers, we seek to highlight the key findings, make them easily understood and make them accessible from the web site and other means to the general public. We look for useful ways to identify and understand the demand for policy research and develop ways to tie academic skill and fundraising together, with the support of potential contributors by our rigorous operations with independence, focus, and high quality works in key areas of interest.

ERI will develop broad ranging network of academics and analysts to improve the quality of debate surrounding key policy issues and legislative developments in Mongolia. ERI aims to acquire international scientific credibility through excellent, independent, peer reviewed applied researches in the country. The institute hosts two kinds of programmes, of which one is focused on short-run and the other on long-run. The former, which is called Quick Response Grant program, will be a stream of applied policy research addressing current needs of the nation in professional analyses of economic development and reform problems. The latter, which is called Regular Grant program, will enhance indigenous capacity for modem applied economic research.

The think-tank recruits existing staff from the School of Economic Studies, and will provide opportunities and funding for commissioned research works by temporary research fellowships. It will also seek ways to broaden the network of domestic researchers and will engage them in activities of the institute. ERI will contribute to the domestic capacity of economic research, coordinating competitive sub grant awards, by funding and providing professional support to local policy analysts, based on their professional record and credentials.

An established culture of peer reviewed research and competition of policy ideas and analytical tools that puts a premium on professionalism and independence will be the long run outcome.